Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Start a Business Without Capital with Big Profits, Is Possible

Business Without Capital, are you looking for it? Some time ago I and a friend discussed the topic of business, and the chat with my friend made me interested to write it in this blog. At that time he said, "I want to do business to nyari additional money, there is no business without capital that can generate big profits?".

Picture Start a Business Without Capital with Big Profits, Is Possible


Start a Business Without Capital with Big Profits, Is Possible

Perhaps that question is also often in my head and you too, what might be able to start a business without a single capital and can generate big profits?

I myself have been running some businesses that initially did not need material capital, such as a drospshipper, writing articles for others, providing backlinks services, and others. But to do the promotion, I still pay a fee even though it is not much.

In essence, to run the business it is necessary to spend capital, although not large. For more details I will provide some examples of business without big capital that can be done by anyone who wants to earn additional income, either online or offline.

Here are some examples of businesses that run without the need for large capital money:

1. Becoming A Freelance Writer, Business Without Capital

The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business without large capital that can be done from home online. I myself am currently a freelance writer on one of the websites that has a topic about business. Articles I write about business and references I see from various business articles on the internet or books.

In running this profession, I just need an internet connection and a laptop. Every month the owner of the website always sends a payment for my writing, the value is not big but pretty as extra money and I can also develop my ability in writing articles.

If you think the cost of internet and other support facilities are not considered as capital or cost, then becoming a freelance writer can be called a business without capital. What do you think, interested?

2. Being a Seller of Other People's Products (reseller or dropship)

Being a reseller is not included in the category of business without capital, because it costs to buy goods to be resold. The advantage of being a reseller, we do not bother in making a product that we will sell. We just need to focus on the marketing process and sales of other people's products, of course we have to make sure that the product we will sell it is good.

One example resellers in offline business such as selling cakes made by others. I once met a father of a pastry shop where he sells someone else's cake and he gets the benefit of the price difference from the cake maker.

The advantage of the father was from selling other people's cakes was quite large. He can earn a net profit of up to Rp 3 million in a month. This is one example for businesses with no money capital on offline business.

For online business of course the opportunity to become a reseller or dropship very much we find. But to be able to run a reseller business or dropship business, we must have a website or blog that we will use as a "storefront" or where the display of goods we sell earlier. Website or blog can be made with free services such as Blogger or WordPress.

But in order to look more professional, it helps us create a website or blog with its own domain name. This is not free but the capital needed to buy a domain is very small compared to renting a place to sell. It was back on our own choice.

If you consider the cost for internet and buying a product for sale is not considered an initial capital, then being a reseller and dropshipper could be called a business without capital. You must be very interested in this business.

3. Business Without Capital, Become a Professional Blogger

Being a professional blogger is one example of business without big capital that we can do. Many bloggers who have regular income from blogs that he managed. If we have a blog or website with high visitor traffic then it is very certain that the blog will be able to provide regular pengasila.

There are several ways to earn money from blogs with high visitor traffic; through rented ad space, through the PPC program (google adsense), pay per lead programs, and others.

But keep in mind that to make a blog has high traffic and liked by the visitors is not something very easy. The blog must have original content and preferred by its visitors, besides its appearance and navigation also must be user friendly.

And to achieve all that is not something easy. We must have special abilities, both as a webmaster, a content writer, and an online businessman.

If the cost of learning blogging and internet connection and other costs are not considered as capital, then being a blogger can be regarded as a business without capital.

4. Become A Broker / Agent

If you are a person who has good marketing skills, then you can try to become a broker / agent. An example is to be a real estate agent. The advantages of selling property can be from two parties, ie from property owners and also from property buyers.

The property owner will typically tip the person who managed to help him sell his property. While happy buyers will usually give tips to people who provide information and help him find the property he was looking for.

If your time and operational costs are not considered as capital or cost, then being an agent or broker can be considered a business without capital.

5. Selling Services Including Business Without Capital?

Business service providers can actually be done with no large capital. But in most cases, business service providers typically require little material capital.

One example of a small capital business by providing services to an online business is selling the services of an article writer. In addition to selling SEO services (search engine optimization), sell services create a website, sell online marketing services, and others.